Innisfree, Korean cosmetics from Jeju Island

Innisfree, is a firm that has been going strong for some time now. has become a cult brand and the favorite among the asian population. And no, it is not another brand of Korean cosmetics, it is the “Creme de la Creme” by Beauty Addict. But everything has a reason, it’s not all merchandising, it’s beauty, exquisiteness, uniqueness and dare I say extravagance. But let’s get down to business… I consider myself a person with a certain culture, but when they told me that the main ingredients of Innisfree products came from the jeju islandHonestly, I had no idea where I was. It is necessary for me to explain briefly about Jeju Island so that you understand the philosophy of the firm and why I think Innisfree es singular:

Jeju Island

Jeju island, the island of the gods, asian hawaii… It is a volcanic island, considered one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Located in South Korea, from a spectacular beauty and dominated by Mount Halla, a 1950 meter high volcano. Have a unique ecosystem recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage, World Biosphere Reserve. It is a particular land of volcanic origin protected from pollution and with a very varied climate. For this reason, in this land we can find unique products, we could say “rare” or exclusive, such as: JEJU green tea, wild Orchid indigenous, Hallabong Mandarin Oranges... Since 2000, Innisfree has used up to 14 natural ingredients responsibly sourced from the virgin island of Jeju.. Now you understand why I think Innisfree it is private. I will tell you a little about some of its star ingredients and its ranges:


Jeju Island Green Tea

Perhaps this is one of the best known ranges of the brand, as it contains organic green tea harvested exclusively from the green tea fields of JEJU Island. It is an ecological and responsible production, in which shoots are grown for a minimum of 7 years before harvesting. It is extracted by Double Squeeze method they harvest, reheat, steam and press twice before filtering. In this way they maximize the moisturizing and antioxidant effects of the formula that also soften and repair, also providing luminosity.

In this range they have authentic products, such as the night mask or the green tea seed serum. The latter, leader in sales for its high concentration of green tea and its effectiveness against blemishes. As an interesting fact, tell you that every minute eight units are sold in the world of this famous serum.

innisfree green tea

jeju orchid

It is an orchid that is in danger of extinction and is located in the snowy mountains of the island. They bloom in the middle of winter, surviving the harshest conditions, they have an energy that allows them to pierce the snow. Innisfree grows this Orchid in an undisclosed location, in order to protect this species. They use all parts of the plant to produce their Orchidelixir 2.0™ formula, rich in niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

It is a range with firming and elastic properties that help smooth fine wrinkles in the most sensitive areas. The effect anti-aging of this line is well known, since in addition to the orchid it contains very powerful ingredients anti dad. One of the best sellers in the range Jeju Orchid Eye Cream with revitalizing effect.

innisfree orchid

Volcanic rock

The volcanic rock from Jeju Island is another star ingredient of the firm. It seems that after the The eruption of the Halla volcano millions of years ago it left a formation of volcanic stones that they can only be collected in certain authorized and controlled areas. This unique ingredient has the ability to absorb sebum stronger than that of red clay, ghassoul and charcoalIt is antibacterial and detoxifies the skin.

The top products in this range are the masks, which are also enriched with other active ingredients such as vitamin C or hyaluronic acidamong others.

innisfree volcanic rock

To end…

I know for a fact that many of you like exclusive things, unique ingredients and also effective. Innisfree It is a firm that is currently not difficult to find and despite its peculiar ingredients, they are affordable products with scandalous formulations that you are going to love, it is not surprising that it is one of the best-selling brands in Asian countries.

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